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How to choose right diagnostic center in South Delhi

A complete diagnostic center is one that is providing all blood tests and radiological imaging under one roof. To correctly identify and treat an ailment it is important that to diagnose the medical problem accurately. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare not only has a Pathology Lab in Greater Kailash 1, but also provides radiological imaging at the same center.


A visit to this blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1 provides Chemical pathology which examines all aspects of a disease. Further checks are conducted on the substances found in the blood and body fluid like proteins hormones electrolytes etc. Any change or irregularity in the reading provides clues about disease or disease risk. For example by assessing the cholesterol levels and triglycerides one can estimate the risk of heart disease. Added to the blood test, an ECG Cost in South Delhi provided by the Helvetia Health and Diagnostics also can reveal any abnormalities in the conditions of the heart. If in case there is even a minor irregularity in the reading in the blood test or ECG, then a timely change in life style and diets can help negate the risk of heart disease totally.



Hence Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare pathology lab in greater Kailash 1, advises us to conduct regular health checks. This center is also providing radio logical imaging which is also in the health packages. The center has OPG dental x-ray GK 1 and other X-ray and ultrasound facilities.


So along with the general body health check, a dental x-ray also reveals the patients dental well being. A visit to the centers website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com will reveal all the services available at the center.


Check our Health Packages Here: http://helvetiadiagnostics.com/packages/basic-health-package/